Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Interview Answers

1. I assassinated Lincoln because he was commander in chief and he was against slavery and wanted it to be taken away because I have slaves and am a Southerner and not apart of the union like Lincoln.
2. Well I liked acting because my father was in the theater and I was told that I was very handsome and that I should follow in my fathers foot steps.
3. I supported slavery because I was raised on a farm and had slaves that worked on the farm.
4. I escaped to Richard H. Garrett's farm in Port Royal, Virginia after I killed Abraham Lincoln.
5. The fist play I was in was Shakespeare's Richard lll.
6. I joined my first militia in 1859.
7. I started acting because I was good looking and partly because of my father.
8. I wanted to be the lead but I really wanted to be the villain in my plays.
9. I was a actor and a confederate sympathizer during the war.
10. I didn't think about joining the confederate army because I was going to go into the theater profession but I did want the south to win so joined a militia in 1859 so I could help any way possible even if that meant killing Abraham Lincoln.
11. I went to Bel Air Academy Milton Boarding School for Boys St. Timothy's Hall for my schooling.
12. I escaped with my co-conspirator David E. Harold.
13. I was apart of the capturing and hanging of John Brown because I was apart of a company that was going to kill John Brown because of treason and for seizing federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry.
14. I had very good success in acting I was on my way to the top of being a professional actor because I was popular with the lady's and because of my good looks.
15. I never created my own play but I did preform in as lot of them especially in Shakespearean plays.


1. Where was Mathew Brady's first studio called and were was it located?
2. What did Mathew Brady do in his studio what was his job?
3. Was his business a success for taking pictures of the Civil War?
4. How did Mathew Brady die?
5. Did Mathew Brady do all of his work by himself?
6. Did he produce a lot of pictures during the civil war?
7. What did the world see because of his pictures during the civil war?
8. What made Mathew Brady so famous?
9. What things did he do to promote his work?
10. Was Mathew Brady good at making and taking pictures?
11. What pictures was he making that got them in the national press?
12. Who's portrait didn't help him in his presidential campaign?
13. How did his business become shut down?
14. Did Mathew Bradly make a lot of money during his time in business?
15. Where did Mathew Brady pictures end up at?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I was born May 10, 1838 in Bel Air Maryland and died in April 26, 1865 in Port Royal, Virginia. I joined the militia in 1859 and grew up on my parents farm that had slaves and my father was an actor which led me to my love of theater. I am a born southerner and one of my favorites quotes I've said is that "Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen." I was apart of the capturing and killing of John Brown and the attempt to capture Abraham Lincoln. I failed to capture Abraham Lincoln so I decided to kill him at Ford's Theater on April 14, 1865 because he was going to be their and I shot him at the back of the head and covered up the see through hole on the door so the guards didn't see me shoot the president of the united states. I fled right after I shot Abraham Lincoln but before I fled completely I got on the stage and said "Thusever to tyrants the south is avenged." Then I left on my runaway horse and was captured after twelve days and was shot in the neck by a union solider and was taken to Garrett's porch and died after three hours.